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Joining our cost effective subscription service will allow full access to our technical library and expert panel Q&A service, together with discounts on other services such as suitability reports.

Benefits of membership

Membership Benefits

Professional advisers have to be able to advise on all aspects of a client's circumstances and cannot be experts in all areas. QB Partners offers independent, accessible and solutions driven technical support, compliance support and due diligence.

Our membership service brings together everything you need to transact international  pensions and trust and estate planning  business, through one on-line platform.

We will strive to constantly maintain and update our membership service to ensure that it continues to be fresh and dynamic, thus adding value to your business on an ongoing basis.

By subscribing to our service you will receive the following benefits:

  • 24 hour, cross time-zone access to a constantly updated library of technical information
  • Q&A access to our panel of industry experts.
  • Priority access to our technical staff by telephone
  • Access to our suitability report service – members receive discount on all reports
  • Access to our due diligence service 
  • Regular email shots informing you of relevant changes to international pensions planning and trust and estate planning
  • On site meetings with our business development staff by appointment
  • Priority invitations to our seminars

A free membership will give you access to some of our services on-line and you can upgrade to a paid membership at a later date.

Become a member for as little as £25/month
  • Dedicated support phone line and direct access to our technical staff
  • 10% discount on all reports
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Become a member for as little as £25/month