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Suitability Report Service

This route suits advisers who wish to develop a capability to advise clients themselves, whilst having the reassurance of ongoing support from a recognised, independent expert.

Suitability Report Process

Suitability Report Service

Suitability reports can be provided for UK pension transfers into QROPS or SIPPs, as well as for QNUPS, International Annuities and through our Qteps ( Qualified Trust and Estate Planning) Service. Suitability reports can be ordered, tracked and received online here.

Comprehensive suitability reports can be provided to the professional adviser in order to recommend the most suitable solution for a client based on their circumstances and objectives, thus assisting the adviser in preparing their own advice report for the client

  • Recommends most suitable jurisdiction and provider, together with investment provider where applicable.
  • Full due diligence packs available for the recommended provider.
  • Covered by professional indemnity insurance.

 If an adviser has a preferred solution, we can provide a report to support that solution or discuss alternatives with the adviser if we believe they are preferable for an individual client's circumstances.

Advisers using the Suitability Report Service may also benefit from our membership service. Members receive a 10% discount on all reports.

What is included within the Suitability Report?

The following information would be contained in a typical QROPS suitability report. If you would like to see anything else included do let us know, we are constantly striving to improve our service.The content of the report will differ for other types of planning.

  • Summary of client's current situation and assets.
  • Planning considerations relating to UK pension and how this fits with the client's overall objectives
  • QROPS summary
  • Double taxation treaty if applicable
  • Currency implications
  • Recommended QROPS jurisdiction
  • Recommended QROPS trustee, including due diligence commentary
  • Fee structure
  • Underlying Investments
  • Summary of recent applicable legislation

Order A Suitability Report

Suitability reports can now be ordered, tracked and received on line here.

The cost of a suitability report starts from £750 for a standard UK pension transfer report, to include due diligence on the recommended provider.

When you subscribe to our membership service you will receive a 10% discount on all suitability reports.

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  • 10% discount on all reports
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Become a member for as little as £25/month