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Petition to scrap 25% Qrops charge launched

Petition to scrap 25% Qrops charge launched

A petition has been set up to get the UK Government to scrap the "unfair" and "discriminatory" 25% charge on qualifying recognised overseas pension scheme (Qrops) transfers.Available at, it states that expats have to pay the charge on moving pensions from the UK to a Qrops or between Qrops unless they live in Europe or one of 13 countries outside Europe that have such schemes.

William Wilson, who created the petition, wrote that it "is unfair to the thousands who cannot access a Qrops pension where they live".No further details are currently available about Wilson or what prompted him to launch the petition on 19 January 2018, nearly a year after the charge was first announced. Please link to International Adviser tio read the full article by Kirsten Hastings.

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