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Azure Retirement Benefit Scheme

Azure Retirement Benefit Scheme

Integrated-Capabilities (Malta) Ltd ("ICML") is delighted to announce the launch of the Azure Retirement Benefit Scheme ("Azure") which is a Malta based ROPS. Azure is open to members effective of 24th September 2018 and offers excellent value for money, peace of mind and investment flexibility, including the option to invest in commercial property.

Azure is licensed and regulated as a Personal Retirement Scheme by the Malta Financial Services Authority and registered as a ROPS with HMRC.

ICML believe that trust is built and earned. As such they have an ingrained and sustained desire to develop long term relationships with their clients, their advisers and partners in order to fully understand what they expect and value so that they can deliver an experience that is tailored to their needs and preferences. Therefore they are committed to providing the highest possible levels of expertise, support, guidance and customer care at all times, and pride themselves on the delivery of excellence as standard.

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Become a member for as little as £25/month