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International investments consultancy joins QROPS Bureau with launch of new Banking Plan

International investments consultancy joins QROPS Bureau with launch of new Banking Plan

Regal Consultancy (International) Ltd has become the latest member of the financial services community to join The QROPS Bureau's on-line platform as an associated service.

The group, which introduces structured investments to the international wealth management industry, works in tandem with global advisers to present new financial solutions to IFA clients.

Its latest offering is the newly launched Phoenix Banking Plan Issue 4 – a one-off investment proposition which gives investors the opportunity to enjoy an exceptionally attractive level of regular, semi-annual income of 11.25% per annum.

The Plan also offers a generous 60% European protection barrier – observed at maturity if stocks decline – and is linked to the performance of the industry's global banking giants.

In short, the benefits are:

  • 11.25% p.a. Conditional Memory Coupon
  • Semi- Annual Auto-Call on:
    • Commerzbank
    • Unicredit
    • Natixis
    • Societe Generale
    • Lloyds Bank of America
  • The plan pays the coupon even if all underlying drop by a substantial 40% from the Strike Value on each observation date. Any unpaid coupon is recorded and will be paid on the next observation date if the coupon condition is met.
  • The plan kicks out, pays coupon and returns the capital in full if all underlyings are at or above the Strike Value on each observation date.
  • 60% European Protection Barrier (observed at maturity).
  • Choice of currencies – USD, GBP.
  • Available through all major life companies' wrappers
  • The capital security is provided by securities issued by a leading European Investment Bank rated 'A' by Standard & Poor's

Regal Consultancy (International) Ltd explained: "Many commentators believe that some banking stocks are still undervalued and that there are some great prospects for the banking sector over the next few years – although there are always unknown factors to consider.

"That's why the latest issue of The Phoenix Banking Plan has an in-built 60% European Protection Barrier feature.

"To put this into perspective, the Plan allows the above mentioned banking giants to drop a substantial 40% in share price from its Strike Value – from their already currently low values – and still pay the annual coupon and return your clients' capital in full."

For more information on The Phoenix Banking Plan Issue 4, contact Regal Consultancy (International) Ltd at or on +44 (0)203 668 1450.

You can also visit the website at

Please note this communication is for information only and for use by professional financial advisors only. It should not be considered a financial promotion. This information alone should not be relied on for marketing investment or purchasing decisions. This investment is not covered by the FSCS Compensation Scheme.

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