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QB Insurance Services (QiS)

QiS is a natural extension to our existing services, focusing on the increasingly important role of international wealth insurance structuring. Those already familiar with QB Partners solutions-based approach to international pensions and trust and estate planning services will recognise a need for a similar proposition covering international insurance structuring

There are two elements to QiS:
(1) International insurance structures, and indeed the providers themselves, can be extremely varied. Understanding which best meets the need of each client can be complex and time consuming. QiS delivers a comprehensive suitability report service to assist advisers make the correct recommendations, especially where products and insurers are less familiar.
(2) The second aspect of QiS is the chargeable gains calculation service, delivered on a fully time-costed basis. QiS can provide guidance and assist with these complex policy calculations, whenever an existing client-policyholder is making a withdrawal from their policy.

Suitability Reports
Comprehensive suitability reports help advisers recommend the most international insurance solution most likely to meet the specific circumstances and objectives of each client.

  •  Suitability report from only £750 (10% discount for members).
  •  Report outlines key planning considerations and tax implications.
  •  Reviews best product for each client circumstance, considering providers from multiple jurisdictions.
  •  Full due diligence pack for each recommended provider.
  •  All covered by QB Partners Professional Indemnity insurance.

Once the recommended solution has been agreed with the adviser, QB Partners can also offer ongoing support with implementation.

Chargeable Gains Calculation Service
A service offered to financial advisers, legal representatives, tax advisers and product providers, helping clients fulfil their tax reporting obligations and paying the correct amounts of UK tax.

  •  Provided on a fully time costed basis: First hour (or part thereof) @£200; subsequent ¼ hour (or part thereof @£50); day rate for more complex cases, 5-7 hours @£1,000.
  • UK Chargeable Event Calculations.
  • Where appropriate, comparing partial withdrawals with segmented surrenders.
  • Time Apportionment and Top Slicing reliefs considerations.
  •  PPB (highly personalised bonds) calculations
Become a member for as little as £25/month