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QNUPS Panel Members

QNUPS Panel Members

QB Partners take a cross jurisdictional approach to QNUPS as benefits can vary dependent upon the jurisidiction used.

The jurisdictions we currently use are The Isle of Man, Malta, Gibraltar and Guernsey.

We believe that The Isle of Man is the lowest risk jurisdiction for QNUPS, but that sometimes schemes offered by trustees in other jurisdictiions can offer greater flexibility. As always the most suitable jurisdiction will depend upon the client's circumstances and objectives.

Full details for each Panel Member, along with Due Diligence reports are available when you become a member

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  • Heritage

    The Heritage Group is a leading independent provider of specialist insurance and financial services to corporate and private clients across the globe. Heritage are able to implement strategies that bring together several specialist business areas to best serve the needs of their clients.

    Being management owned, Heritage are independent from any broker or other financial institution, which enables them to meet client objectives swiftly and free of conflicts of interest.

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