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Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership can give a provider exposure to the advisers working with QB Partners

Benefits of Corporate Membership

Product providers who are featured on our panel or to whom we are providing consultancy support may wish to consider corporate membership which will give them exposure to the advisers we work with.These advisers may access our website in open access, join our free membership service, or subscribe to paid membership for additional benefits.

A corporate membership will allow a product provider to feature in either our Provider Panel or the Associated Services directory, as appropriate. The provider will be able to add a quarter page of introductory text and a full page of more detailed information. Additional documents such as application forms or key features an be added along with a link to the provider's own website. Our news section enables providers to publish news about new product launches or appointments.

Corporate membership starts from £41.25pm for the Associated Services directory and from £250pm for the Provider Panel. Appointment to the Provider Panel is subject to satisfactory due diligence.

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